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vaser liposuction in hyderabad

liposuction in hyderabad:

Hai this is Dr. Rajesh vasu Liposuction surgen in hyderabad. here we'll talk about different techniques of liposuction. All liposuction is based on,as we discussed previously, a cannula, or a thin tube, generally made of metal which is hollow, and it has some openings at the end. And, then there's a handle, and the cannulas come in different lengths and different diameters, this is a three millimeter. This isgenerallyhe type I use, very, very thin and narrow, which carefully removes small amounts o f fat without creating any problems with the skin or by removing too much fat. For example: this is then connected to a machine through a tube, which is to create suction, and then the cannula is passed through the skin, back and forth in order to remove the fat. This device is a infiltration cannula which is utilized to place a large volume of dilute salt water or ringers lactate solution with some local anesthetic and with some adrenaline or epinephrine, before the surgery to minimize bleeding, to control the removal, to give the patient some fluid and to facilitate the liposuction in the most common type, which is also known as tumescent liposuction. for more details click here

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